Portfolio Management Overview

Systematic Approach for effective decision making and management of your new organization, business model, innovation, or technology from concept inception to implementation to grow and prosper in today's uncertain world

Portfolio Management at a Glance

Portfolio approaches used in conjunction with the Integrated Model provide higher levels of risk management due to uncertainty.  The Portfolio Model for creating New Organizations, Business Models, Innovation, or Technology (OBIT) are recommend when risk is involved due to uncertainty with maturation of your OBIT or uncertainty with respect to the marketplace demand or alternative OBIT offerings from current or future competitors. 


A great portfolio model should take into account the time, complexity, interdependencies, risk mitigation, and backup plans for critical decision points in the development, launch, and full implementation of your New OBIT.  Other strategic portfolio approaches such as the BCG, GE/McKinsey, Arthur D Little Life-Cycle Approach, or Ashridge Portfolio are all marketspace positioning techniques that have little to offer in the long-term management.  A successful decision making with a portfolio management tools has to provide insight into the value, risk identification, risk mitigation, success criteria, timelines, measurable results, funding sources, stakeholders, and other externalities not provided with the current snap shot approach of other strategy models.


First Place Business Solutions created various structured, but easy to understand, technology & innovation portfolio tools to manage hundreds of technologies and projects at the same time.  The structure portfolio tool is generally built in MS Excel to provide a novice user the capability of filtering the various projects for pertinent information required to manage multiple aspects of a New OBIT.